Shipping policy

Shipping Policy

The delivery time for each order may vary depending on shipping and payment method. Please check your email to get your shipping information. If the checkout amount is less than $1,000, we will be charged $80 shipping fee.

1. Delivery Service
After the payment is completed, the goods will be delivered within 2-3 business days, and it will take 5-7 business days for delivery in rural areas. If the driver were not able to contact you over 2 times, the order would be canceled and refunded.
If your order cannot be accepted for certain reason, you will be notified within 3 business days.

*Unavailable for delivery in these areas:

1. Hualien - Xiulin Township: Qilai/Longjian/Panshi/Hinolin/Guanyuan/Xibao/Guanyuan/Xibao/Wenshan/Xinbaiyang/Biyuan/Zhongheng Highway.

2. Luodong - Datong Township: Taipingshan/Mingchi Villa
3. Xindian - Wenshan District Guide Palace, Wulai District Fushan Village
4. Taoyuan - Revival District:

Luofu Village/Kuihui Village/Changxing Village/Gaoyi Village/Hualing Village/Sanguang Village/Yisheng Village/Xiayun Village.
5. Junan - Temples and Temples on Lion's Head Mountain
6. Miaoli - Guanwu, Tai'an Township
7. Puli - Renai Township: Rongxing Village (Songyuan Lane, Bilu Lane)/Cuihua Village (Huagang, Cuiluan Road)
8. New City - Kaohsiung City: Namasia District
9. Pingtung - Sandimen Township: Dashe Village/Dewen Village/Dalai Village
10. Pingtung - Wutai Township
11. Chaozhou - Laiyi Township, Taiwu Township
12. Taitung - Ludao Township, Lanyu Township
13. Taitung - Yanping Township, Haiduan Township (Lidao Village/Wulu Village)
14. Penghu - Outlying Islands Station Area: Wangan Township, Qimei Township, Baisha Township Jibei, Magong City: Hujing. Tongpan
15. Kinmen - Wuqiu Township

2. Convenient Store Pick Up :
For Convenient Store Pick Up service, the delivery time will take about 3-4 business days to arrive at the designated store. Please pay attention to your text messages to receive updates of the order.
You can select 7-11 for Convenient Store Pick Up. If the package is too big or the quantity of a single order is too large, the convenient store may not accept the package, and you will be notified to cancel and replace the order with home delivery.
If you fail to pick-up from the convenient store for multiple times, this shipping method be suspended from your account without notice.